ECS acquires school premises

ECS acquires school premises in Heathfield, Newton Abbot, Devon. Jo Sams (CEO) handing the keys to our Head of the new school Lukasz Miecznikowski.

Why ‘The Greater Horseshoe School’? When we found our premises in a disused Victorian school building, we soon discovered that there were already residents living there – a community of bats, including the endangered Greater Horseshoe bat. We immediately took steps to protect the bats and make them feel at home. We thought the name fitted us perfectly – we strive to be environmentally friendly and to fit in with our local environment. As befits a school situated in a woodland clearing with bats in the roof, we take care to minimise our impact on the earth, capturing and using rainwater, using only environmentally friendly cleaning products, having a comprehensive recycling policy and creating wildlife habitats in our grounds.