Cygnet – Parent autism awareness programme invite (Summer 2020)

Cygnet – Parent autism awareness programme invite (Summer 2020)

Barnardos have responded to the CV19 situation, and continue to offer their Cygnet programme online through licensed trainers.

The programme is for parents/carers of children with aged between 7 and 18.

We are excited to announce that we have negotiated and agreed access for families of CYP who are currently on the autism assessment pathway, in addition to families of CYP who have received and autism diagnosis.

So here at Babcock LDP as licensed trainers we will be offering access to this programme during this summer holiday period, as hosting our usual parent autism awareness programme is not physically possible at this time due to CV19 restrictions.

Is this course for me?

During and after a diagnosis parents and carers can have a lot of questions about autism and may feel isolated in managing their child’s needs.

Children’s needs also change over time, and information and advice received when a child is younger may need to be updated to be relevant for the child/young person today.

Attending the Cygnet programme gives parents and carers an opportunity to develop their understanding of autism and look at practical solutions to managing social communication and behaviour difficulties.

6 weekly sessions (approx. 2hrs each) related to the following topic/themes:

No.TopicRelease date
1IntroductionMon 20th July
2Autism overviewMon 27th July
3SensoryMon 3rd August
4CommunicationMon 10th August
5Understanding behaviourMon 17th August
6Supporting behaviourMon 24th August

We will send a web link to your email each week (Monday a.m) to access the relevant topic.

You will need an email address and the internet to access this programme.

The programme is purely in an online format (not a webinar or live presentation).

We will invite and respond to questions related to training topics/themes following each week’s topic.

Posting on our Website, responses to the most commonly asked questions and additionally signposting to our already established and developing resources and themes.

How do I accept and access the programme?

Access invites have also been made to parents/carers on our existing waiting list for parent autism awareness programmes.

  • On Mon 20th July you will receive the 1st weeks web link from us
  • Feel free to share this email with other families you know who would also welcome access.

They will then also receive full access to the programme through us.

Once engaged in the programme we will maintain contact on a weekly basis to invite any questions you may have related to programme topics, and signpost you to additional resources and themes to support your learning.

This online access may be limited to the CV19 period only, so we would highly recommend access and completion if the programme is right for you?

The main benefit of online access is the ability to access on any day and time that fits with your own family life.

Apply direct by email to:

Additional Communication & Interaction weekly themed supporting resources are available for viewing at: