Defibrillator Appeal Fundraising

Defibrillator Appeal

This term we have continued to raise money for our defibrillator appeal.  We started the term with £400 from our earlier fundraising activities and had a target of £1000. We set up a Go Fund ME page called ‘Telephone Box Defib Machine’ that went live in May and has a current total of £365 and is still open for donations, just search for The Greater Horseshoe School and you will find Lukasz’s name!

In Half Term staff and students took part in a Half Term Hundred Challenge in honour of Sir Tom Moore (who walked 100 lengths of his garden to raise money for the NHS, at the age of 99!). We had to complete 100 of anything we wanted!  It could have been cartwheels, running laps of a playing field, swimming lengths of a pool, star jumps, or even 100 underwater forward rolls! Lots of people took part and we raised a huemungous total of £625

Our final fundraising activity of the year was our successful Summer Fair that took place at Chipley.  It was great to see so many people attend. We had a plant sale, lots of games and refreshments; as well as selling some of our student’s art work.  The students made a profit of £141.90

Out total fundraising profit for this term is £1131.90 – smashing our goal.  Thank you to everyone who helped and contributed.  We can’t wait to begin converting the old phone box into a community resource.

Defibrillator Appeal Fundraising