About our School

Welcome to the Greater Horseshoe School

We all hope that this is the beginning of a long and happy relationship as we work together to provide the best education and support for your child. We aim to provide a caring environment that will enable each individual to develop to their full potential.

Our aim is to support young people achieve positive outcomes appropriate to their needs. We do this by thoroughly understanding each young person’s circumstances and what we can do to best support them. We use our wide experience, flexibility and underpinning knowledge of child development to deliver personalised educational and therapeutic programmes that benefit every aspect of each young person.

You will find us approachable, adaptable and always determined to place your child’s needs first.

We look forward to working with your child to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Yours sincerely

Lukasz Miecznikowski, Head Teacher

Mission Statement

The Greater Horseshoe School helps young people towards a better future by providing the highest quality of education. Inclusion, enrichment and a therapeutic approach enable achievement for all young people by focussing on their specific needs.