Frequently asked questions

We operate on a one to one basis, where each student will have a teacher or learning support assistant with them at all times.  Sometimes lessons are with just one student, but often small groups will be formed of no more than four students; however each student will continue to have personalised support from a one to one for that session.  Students will usually work with several different staff members (and a range of different students) throughout their week depending on their interests and needs.

Each student will have a mentor with whom they will have at least one session a week.  The mentor will conduct a tutorial with the student and chat about how things are going and discuss any concerns or changes.  The mentor is also the main day to day point of contact for parents and carers.

Each student’s timetable is personalised to them, considering their specific interests and needs. Special areas of interest will try to be incorporated wherever possible.  Students may spend time on the school site, the farm site or doing activities in various locations around the area.  The curriculum is varied and includes the core subjects, PE, Outdoor Education, Thrive, Music, Cooking, PSHE, Art & Craft and much more, depending on the young person’s interests and needs.

Your first point of call is the 0-25 team who will make a referral to us.  Your child must have an EHCP to be eligible for funding.  If referred, your child will be added to our list of referrals which we work through in the order in which they arrive.

The transition process varies for each student.  Some students will start with us on a full-time basis straight away, but most will do a mixture of full or half days on a part time basis for the first few weeks.  We work closely with parents, carers and previous settings to get the transition plan right for each young person.

We currently have nearly 30 students.  Our school is registered for up to 50 students aged 8-18.

All staff members are trained in Therapeutic approach and each adult complete 2 week induction process. Everyone is Team Teach trained (see more information here: ).  We are also all trained in all aspects of autism and have a varied experience of dealing with different types of behaviour.  We have a mixture of children at the school and are trained to assist them in a way most suited to them.  We use a method called the Therapeutic Approach (more information here: )

Yes, we are part of a wider group called Enhanced learning Services, which has other school in Somerset.  We regularly met with them to share knowledge and good practice.

Our education services provide flexible, high-quality education to young people who may have complex learning needs. The creative and bespoke curriculum coupled with tailored pastoral care delivers proven learning success.

We aim for every student to have a Statement of Special Educational Need or an Education, Health and Care Plan so their needs can be addressed. These are reviewed annually. Students are then re-assessed annually using the initial assessments and half termly within individual subject areas using B Squared to monitor progress. Students are observed and their progress noted in each lesson using our marking system for engagement and reaching outcomes. On a half termly basis students are assessed against their own prior learning.

A formal meeting is held three times a year with teachers and senior leaders to monitor progress. The school works closely with therapists and external agencies to identify the holistic needs of every child.

We take into account the needs of students and visitors with physical difficulties and sensory impairments when planning enabling access to all and continue to undertake future improvements and refurbishment of the site and premises.

The Greater Horseshoe School is committed to providing all students with a broad and balanced individualised curriculum, differentiated and adjusted to meet the needs of individual students and their preferred learning styles.

The Greater Horseshoe School is committed to providing all learning resources which reflect the wide diversity of abilities of our students. Resources will be made available that reflect the various needs of our students. Resources will be made available that support the needs of each student throughout a range of activities.

As well as regular formal meetings with parents and professionals such as: educational reviews, and multi-agency meetings. We also hold an end of year celebration in which parents, carers, social workers are encouraged to attend and meet other parents, teachers and staff to have a chat in a relaxed atmosphere.

Parents/carers can visit us anytime by contacting the Head Teacher to arrange a visit.

In the first instance we encourage you to contact your child’s Mentor. If you still have concerns then please contact the Head Teacher.

In the unlikely event that your concern is not resolved then please follow our compliments and complaints policy.

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