Teaching Staff

Lukasz Miecznikowski

As a teacher and a Head Teacher, Lukasz has worked in schools similar to the Greater Horseshoe School over a period of twelve years. He has a keen interest in the education and development of young people with special needs, as well as those who become disengaged from the education system for various reasons. Lukasz has had the pleasure of working in America in numerous settings as well as the UK. He has had extensive experience of working with young people with a range of conditions, disabilities and complex support needs. He has worked in SEN schools at senior management level for the last six years. Main focus: raising attainment and impact through Learning and Teaching; using whole school academic, behaviour and attendance data to track and monitor progress toward student targets; ICT and infrastructure and the development of school websites. Lukasz works closely with staff and students, and supporting parents and carers in providing the best opportunities.