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About our school

The Greater Horseshoe School is an independent special school situated in a peaceful woodland setting near Newton Abbot in Devon. Our school facilities are complemented by our nearby care farm, where we offer animal care, horticulture and a wide range of outdoor educational activities alongside academic and vocational programmes.

We are committed to providing the best education for young people with complex needs. We offer a unique tailored programme for every child, combining a therapeutic approach, outdoor learning and individual academic and vocational programmes to suit each young person. Everything that we do is based on thoroughly understanding the needs of our students and how we can best support them in achieving positive outcomes.

Our approach is caring, positive and adaptable, and is underpinned by a thorough theoretical knowledge. Our staff come from relevant educational and therapeutic backgrounds and have extensive experience of supporting young people with a range of needs.

4, First Day of School for Students
22–26, October Half Term
29, Inset Day
30, Students return
21, Last Day of the term
21, Last Day of the term
7, Inset Day
8, Students return
18-22, February Half Term
5, Inset Day
8-9 Teacher/Tutor Day
8-22, Easter Break
23, Students return
27-31, May Half Term
23, Last Day of School


Our Facilities

The school is situated in an attractive Victorian school building constructed in a traditional local style. In addition to the original schoolhouse, our learning space includes an ICT suite, food preparation facilities, an art/DT studio and an outdoor therapeutic classroom. Our tree-fringed grounds feature a beautiful yurt together with a fire pit and pizza oven. We will soon also have a pond and an enclosure housing a variety of birds and animals for our students to look after and enjoy.



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