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Red Nose Day

KS4 also took the lead with Red Nose Day. We have some students who are very confident in the kitchen and so they baked a variety of cup-cakes. The cakes were baked by KS4,  decorated by KS3 and presented and sold by KS2!! They were sold after school to anyone with a bit of spare […]

Student Council – Mac Mini

As part of a student council Ethan completed power point presentation about ‘Reason why we need a Mac Mini’. He has been practising his speaking and presentation skills and was able to deliver his presentation to an audience.  As a result of this Jason Goddard (Group Director and Chair of Governors) presented brand new Mac […]

‘Greening Up Enhanced’ competition

We are pleased to announce that the Greater Horseshoe School has won Enhanced Children’s Services competition.  The competition was designed to promote environmental projects across the company and was open to all sections of our parent company.  GHS won in all categories, reflecting our strong commitment to environmental projects and the skills of our staff […]

Eco-Schools Bronze Award

We are proud to announce that this term we have achieved our Eco Schools Bronze Award! We have now set the foundations to become a fully-fledged Eco-School. We have a team of Eco Helpers, including staff and students, that have carried out and whole school review and created an action plan for the areas we […]

Outdoor Education

This half term we’ve had some fantastic work being done in the great outdoors by many of our students. Archery: My location of choice for this has been Spitchwick Common on the banks of the river Dart. It’s been fantastic to take a walk alongside the river and see it’s various. Alternative Pursuits: Students have […]

Ambulance visit

The Greater Horseshoe School received a fascinating visit from ambulance staff as part of our programme of extra-curricular activities. Harvey from the South West of England Ambulance Service NHS Trust (SWAST) brought an ambulance to school. Harvey talked about his jobs and children were given a tour of an emergency ambulance. Harvey said: “I really […]